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I've really appreciated the sessions with Alejandra, and felt like it was a safe space to share my confused ideas about my future plans. After the sessions, I always had the feeling everything was more in order, and by speaking to her I could give logic to my thoughts. It helped me become more sure about what I want to do to reach my career goals, and especially how I want to do that. Alejandra proposed me some quick and easy tools I could use to organize my time and incentivize myself to procrastinate less.

- Aurora R.

I am completely grateful for the professional coaching received from Alejandra Buitrago. Before starting the sessions, I was starting a new life project in a new country, with new professional and personal challenges, the anguish of failing in this new dream in times of Covid-19 clouded the possibility of seeing the positive side of the situations around me and the internal strengths that I have. Together with Alejandra I discovered basic tools to question many important aspects of my life and discover that fear is often an important part of our life, and that it is important to recognize it, not hide it, face it and use it in balance as an impulse to success. The methodology surprised me, I felt heard and understood, but above all I learned that I have the answers to all my internal concerns and that they are only possible to find through a professional life coaching guide such as my experience with Alejandra. I hope that those who are thinking of having the opportunity to work with Alejandra, do it, it is completely worth it.

- Alejandra P.

I had heard about life coaching a couple of years ago and this is the first time I joined coaching sessions with Alejandra. It's such an interesting experience for me. In my opinion, the roles of coach and psychologist are pretty different. While psychologists give you solutions for your issues, coaches guide you and help you find the answers yourself. During the sessions, I learnt how to find the solutions which are actually insights for all my queries. I have gained precious techniques as well as methods from Alejandra to get rid of the knot of my problem. I truly appreciate what she has helped me with so far. Although life coaching is a relatively new concept in my home country, I believe not many people are aware of it. Thus, I would recommend coaching to other people who also are struggling with their life path like me.

- Mai T.

Alejandra has cultivated a gift through her personal and professional experiences and creates an inviting space for you to share. She is kind, encouraging, very easy to talk to and left me feeling understood and inspired. I highly recommend her.

- Marcile M.

I had very successful sessions with Alejandra. She is very calm, kind and very easy to connect and open up to. I have been struggling for several months between my job and my life, and I felt I needed to make a decision to get out of this circle. However, with over thinking for very long, I got lost in the ideas & scenarios running through my head continuously, and couldn't see the clear path anymore. The talks and exercises I have done with Alejandra helped me to remember what is most important for me, and how I can get there step by step. I am very glad that I had the opportunity to work with Alejandra on this issue, and would definitely recommend anyone who is in need of good help and guidance.

- Sevim S.

The coaching sessions with Alejandra were very valuable. Through her guidance, I was able to see by myself things in a different, more positive perspective. The coaching sessions were very active in the sense that it was just not passive listening , but you actually get into a position of finding the answers that you are looking for within your own inner self. She taught me how to ask myself the right questions to get to know what I actually need and finding answers to things that I am struggling with. She is very positive and kind, and gives you a safe space to actually open up.

- Christina K.
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