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Welcome to Alejandra Buitrago - Life Coach! I'm Alejandra Buitrago, originally from Colombia and nearly 10 years ago I moved to the Netherlands.

After studying Business Administration, I had a career for 10 years, working in areas like events, operations, HR and management. In my last position I was COO for one of the world's most successful startups accelerators, a great job I really enjoyed. During those years I also married my husband and in 2017 our baby boy Max was born.

Behind the success both in my career and my family life, I was struggling to find the right balance. I often felt I was low in energy and sometimes had the feeling that even though I "had it all" something was missing. I wanted to slow down, enjoy life more and discover what my purpose in life is. That's why at the end of 2018 I decided to take a break: I resigned and went on a sabbatical with my husband and our toddler.

I left my COO role, took a sabbatical and decided that I wanted to be a life coach to be able to help people live the life of their dreams.
During this wonderful journey I discovered that I want to do something that helps other people. Helping people grow and find clarity and direction was a part of management that always gave me feelings of joy and satisfaction. I decided I want to spend everyday doing what inspires me most and obtained my life coaching certification.

Now, I feel I have started to live my life rather than just exist and I've promised myself I will help other people do the same. Today, I empower and support young professionals and entrepreneurs to reach their full potential, balancing all areas of their life, to achieve true happiness and fulfillment!

Family sabbatical

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